Saturday, June 1, 2013

Oz-Stravaganza! 2013 is a great weekend destination!

Sometimes you need one in the shade.
   Oz-Stravaganza!, residents and visitors to Chittenango, New York, and munchkins throughout all the worlds could not have hoped for a better Oz-Strava-Saturday!  Well, to be honest, it could have been a little cooler. Some folks braved the shadows of old houses to avoid the blistering rays of our closest star (well... second closest - the closest star was in the parade today. You know who you are :)

This sunburn refuge house is the home of a great many birds.

The Free Oz Parking is on McDonnell St.
   The Oz-Stravaganza! Twitter Feed (@ozstravaganza) was live all day keeping festival goers abreast of the events of the day.  From tips on free parking to where to find the best Balloon Walk, @ozstravaganza was there!  The children enjoyed the rides, as always.  It was good to see that in addition to the long-time favorites, there were some new rides spicing up the already charged atmosphere.  Food and Fun - Shopping and more - all with the sounds of talented musicians filling the air with their formless form of art from afar.
Yes - you can walk INSIDE the Balloon!

   The Parade went off without a hitch. All the usual suspects were marching to show off their local pride and support for this Oz-tastic festival that honors L. Frank Baum and the various art his works have inspired.

   While the lines to see the Special Guests were long at times, I have to wonder if Glinda's Royal Tent is the best kept secret of Oz-Stravaganza! While "those in the know" are no strangers to the pleasantries of Glinda's Royal Tent - I fear the masses may not understand the treasures that are being housed within its cool and windy walls.

   The treasures I speak of may be completely missed by the fool passing through, seeking a North-West Passage to the privies (which is never to be found).  For the treasures that sit within those royal tent walls are distributed and hidden within a great many people. They are the treasures of Intuition, Creativity, Compassion, Passion, and Love.  You need only ask the preacher next door to understand which of these is the greatest.

   I'm talking about the Authors, and Actors, their loved ones who write and act, and those who teach us of some of the greatest deeds done in the pages of fiction, the stages of the past and the present, and connect us to yesterday's dreams to give us fuel to reach for tomorrow's unthinkables.
Motion Picture Players from "After The Wizard"

   This truly magical place, hidden in plain sight, should be your destination tomorrow.  You do not want to miss your opportunity to meet these truly ozsome human beings. Take a moment to get a signature - look into their eyes - feel your commonality. This place is aptly named "Glinda's Royal Tent" - for we have Royalty of the truest kind among us, here in Chittenango, New York. In your meeting, who knows what magic may happen? Perhaps a divine spark will be kindled in your soul - and you will join their ranks.  Perhaps you are destined to sit among those who are quietly leading us to a better future; or, perhaps you will be a new inspiration for one of their next great performances, be it on paper or stage. You won't know, unless you go. May Your Wisdom and Will prevail!

   While working on more material for this blog post, specifically some info on the Word Wizards, my laptop over-heated... Damn YOU Wicked Witch... Damn YOU!  So... more to come!

  There is one day left for this year's festival of creativity.  I will stop ruining all the hard work these good people have put towards being humble now - and bid you all a Happy Oz-Stravaganza! 2013

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